Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What Awaits You in 2014?

A writer writes!

Another number appeared on the calendar today.  We now have to add 2014 as the reference point in our journey through life.  The first day is always refreshing.  It is a new start.  What happened before can be wiped clean and you can start a new chapter in your life.  Decisions you made the prior year can become old decisions as you implement a new refreshing decision making process.  At least that is our goal.

How long will it be before you revert to old practices?  Well, if those were positive practices hopefully you will continue those. But, if they were practices that were not good for you then let's pray that you do not revert to those old practices.

We all want positive things to happen to us as the year starts.  I haven't met one person who wants terrible things to happen to them as the new year begins.  How much do we control what happens during the year?  When it comes to our personal endeavors or occupations, we often are the protagonist to what will happen in our personal 2014 story.  Then there are those things that happen based on the actions of others or our interactions with others.

Pause and give thanks to our Creator for your life and the opportunity to continue living.  Pray that you make more good decisions then bad.  Pray that you are kept humble during the journey that is 2014. Then get to work taking those actions that will lead to a positive year.  You can only try.

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