Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Taking Back My Life from the World

A writer writes!

Most of us wake up everyday on a schedule.  We have to get somewhere at a specific time to do something in response to someone else.  Some of us have to report to a job, go to school, or appear someplace based on the command of someone else.  When we reach our destination, we often have to follow the rules and directives of someone else.  Sometimes within those rules and directives are opportunities for us to display some initiative or originality.  But, in most cases we are limited in the ability to really control what we do and say when we arrive at our destination.

Most people seem to value having the ability to be independent of others.  The freedom to do what you want, when you want is a goal many of us have.  In retirement I find that to some extent I now have the ability to do whatever I want each day I wake up.  After years of having to follow rules and regulations in a bureaucratic job, I can now say and do whatever I want.

My progress to reach my individual life goals are now up to me.  I have learned that one thing I should focus on is just putting forth my best efforts.  I realize that seeking recognition and awards is not important.  What is important to me is simply being able to write and compose materials that simply express my views.  The freedom to say what I want is something that an African American male could not do in this country during the years where slavery was an accepted institution.  Even after slavery Black people were still limited in freedom of speech.

I call this period of my life, taking back my life from the world.  Yes, I have economic limitations on what I can do.  But, within my economic means, I now have the ability to set my daily life schedule. Through the various social media, I can communicate with people around the country and yes, around the world.

Thankfully in terms of writing, my skills have improved with age.  Unlike an athlete who depends on the physical abilities of his/her body, I believe I have the ability still to create products that are better than when I was younger.  So, I continue my journey.  My journey is focused on calling time out and slowing down or stopping external events from controlling my life.  My journey may involve letting some of the world's "progress" pass me by.  I want to have a choice in deciding what my life will now consist of.  This is year one of taking back my life from the world.

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