Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NBA Owner Worried About Black Crowd Keeping Whites Away

A writer writes!  Although the National Football League had enough embarrassing stories about player misbehavior lately, the NBA not wanting to be left out contributed another owner/GM tale of misspeaking.

The Atlanta Hawks primary owner and GM Danny Ferry put themselves in the bulls eye.  The owner "self reported" his misstatements regarding having a mostly African American fan base.  Ferry read and paraphrased some statements he should have known better not to repeat.  My source tells me that Ferry has gone into the witness protection program, and will likely reappear transformed as an African American himself.  My guess is that his new name will be Dante' Jordan, in honor of you-know-who.

Ironically when I would watch NBA games from Atlanta I marveled at how the fan base there was predominantly African American.  Now we know the Atlanta owner wasn't impressed.

It's nice to get confirmation that people think of us just as we thought they think of us.  We are not paranoid.  We just know who we are dealing with.  Now I'm just waiting for comments and thoughts of the owners of major chain stores and restaurants and their views of African Americans to surface.

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