Saturday, November 9, 2013

Celebrate Being Average or Above Average

A writer writes.

We all have a special gift that our creator has endowed to us.  Some of us know what that gift is and build upon that gift to reach our full potential.  Some of us don't know what our gift is, or if we do know misuse the gift.

We often hear about a person who has excelled in the use of their gift.  That person may be an athlete, singer, business person, or someone who stands out in a particular field.  It is fine to recognize and applaud those who excel in the use of their gift.  It is also fine to recognize all of us who may be just average or above average in how we accomplish a task.  Average and above average means that we are meeting expectations and that we may sometimes even exceed expectations.

A person does not always have to be different to be appreciated.  Currently in the United States there seems to be much attention being given to a push for same sex marriages to be legalized.  There is also a celebratory attitude when some public figures announce that they are gay.  In today's world why is such an announcement given such publicity?  It is as if being gay elevates a person to a higher status than being heterosexual.  Most people in the world are heterosexual.  There is nothing wrong with being heterosexual.  Yes, it may be average in today's world.  But, celebrate your heterosexuality.

If you are a business person who runs a successful business that allows you to make some money, celebrate that accomplishment.  You do not have to be a billionaire to be a successful businessman.  If you work in an office and support your supervisor getting his or her job done, celebrate what you do as a member of the office team.  You do not have to be a star to be successful.  There are many people who support others.  They may be average or above average, but without them there is no success.   Yes, if you can rise above being average by putting forth more effort than do so.  But, if you get the job done and you've done your best, celebrate your accomplishments!

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