Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Era of Domestic Terrorism

A writer writes.

Last week's incident of a TSA employee being shot and killed at Los Angeles International airport is becoming the normal expectation in the United States.  The security defensive schemes at public locations lacks the manpower or technology to keep weapons away from what should be secure areas.  The entrance areas to venues, with security present, assumes that security at that point will be effective to stop those trying to enter a secure area.

There needs to be a buffer zone between the secure entrance area and the final destination.  Sports stadiums, airports, movie theaters, amusement parks, etc. all operate under the assumption that if you have reached the entry zone to an area you must mean to do no harm.  That false assumption has opened up opportunities for domestic terrorism to succeed. More vigilance, and observation of those who have entered into a public venue is necessary.  Especially if the person is carrying a bag, wearing layers of clothes, or makes movements leading to display of a weapon.

Pushing initial entry zones further out with a pre screening that targets a search for weapons may be a required change in safety procedures.  The other option is more vigilance on the behalf of each person coming into an area.  Self protection and less reliance on official security may become the norm.  Security failed at the Boston marathon.  Security failed at Los Angeles International Airport.  People watching may become a skill we all will need to learn.

Domestic terrorists need to be made aware that not only is official security watching them, but so is everyone else.  We've yet to see an average citizen taking their safety in their own hands and defending themselves accordingly.  With domestic terrorist threatening the lives of innocent people, I would not be surprised to see vigilante protective actions occur against terrorists.  People are getting tired of running away.

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