Wednesday, November 20, 2013

For Stores Opening On Thanksgiving Evening - Shame on You!

Remember those days when Thanksgiving evening was spent with family congregating together?  Some gathered around the television to watch football.  Some gathered in the kitchen helping with cleanup from the day's feast.  Others were on their way driving home from the feast.

Now we have a variety of stores proudly announcing that they will open Thanksgiving night to accommodate Black Friday shoppers.  In a country that values and promotes "family", how does this store opening policy promote families spending time together?  Where is the moral outrage and protests against stores opening on Thanksgiving night?  Are stores so desperate to make money that they can't give their employees and customers the evening to enjoy each other?  I guess not.

I applaud those stores that are closed all day on Thanksgiving.  Pausing a day to give thanks, should not be interrupted for old fashioned American greed.  Stores will not go out of business if they are closed for one day out of respect to families having time to gather and spend all day together.  The technological age of laptops, pads, smartphones, already interrupts normal conversations we used to have.  We don't need stores to add more distractions to take us away from spending time with each other.

Here is what you can do.  Don't go shopping at any of these stores on Thanksgiving.  Call the store and tell them you are outraged that they are open that night.  Let your friends and family know the same thing.  The stores should know that we the consumer, are the ones who they should cater to.  Stores should not drive policies down onto us.  Especially if they impact the limited quality time we have to spend with each other.

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