Sunday, November 24, 2013

Reflections On A Cold Fall Day- Our Holographic Future?

When I was 11 years old I was into science fiction.  It was 1968 and the United States was preparing to send a man to actually walk on the moon.  Being an astronaut, a lofty goal for a black pre-teen, was something I actually thought about. Every book that featured space travel or being an astronaut was something I read.  I watched on television everything related to the American space program.  Star Trek was my favorite television show.  It depicted futuristic beings of all varieties and colors exploring new worlds sometimes in harmony and sometimes in conflict.

In those days I never imagined that one day, I would hold in my hand a device by which I could talk to other people (as shown on Star Trek) and also read news, take photographs, take notes, and record my voice.  The smart phone was the thing of science fiction dreams.

So, I wonder, what lies ahead of us in 45 more years.  I can envision a world where holographic visuals replace items that we now have in our homes.  Why put up a real Christmas tree when you can turn on a device to display a holographic picture of a Christmas tree in your living room?  The same for other items that we now physically have in place.  It may become common place thought that you don't actually need a physical object in your home.  As long as you can view it, if it is not essential to touch it, why have it?

It would sure make buying furniture simpler!  I'd rather have a holographic photograph to hang rather than a real photo to mount on a wall.  I'd rather a holographic TV screen display come on rather than having to carry a flat screen into the house and then physically mount it on the wall.  Imagine us having less physical "stuff" to worry about?  Wouldn't a world with a need for fewer possessions be an improvement in our current chase for all the material things we can accumulate?

Maybe that is the future.  We can satisfy our needs for nice material things through visual holographics that depict those items that we want but truly don't need.  Our "comfort" possessions can be stored and displayed from within something comparable to a USB Flash drive.  Maybe we will be able to change our environments by changing the USB Flash drive to an "upgraded" version.  Of course, I'm sure it will come with a price tag attached.  But, it will mean less real clutter and junk to throw away or recycle.  Imagine your new home where the only real things you will need are a couch, bed, bathroom, kitchen and appliances.   Everything else could be holographically constructed to fit the materialistic lifestyle you want to have.

Well, I don't think I have  45 more years on this planet to see us get there.  But, for all of you who will, remember these times when we had to actually touch and feel an item to appreciate our lives.

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