Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lack of Originality in Government

A writer writes......

Our government suffers from a lack or originality.  We limit ourselves to principles laid out in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  We judge new laws against the intent of that original constitution.  There is no need to limit our thinking to the intent of those born over 200 years ago.  People evolve, thinking evolves, and so should options to address an issue evolve.

Economic policies.  There is no reason why the United States should create test economic zones where some policies are "tested" for benefits/advantages.  We should allow states to test economic programs for a time limited period.  Then assess the programs and whether the programs should be modified, or stopped.

General laws.  There may be  a need to set time limits for some new laws and policies.  It may be true that some policies may not stand the test of time. How many communities have laws on the books that may have made sense in 1813, but do not  make sense in 2013?

Housing/Public Safety.  There should be federal requirements governing the building of apartments, homes, and safety areas for mobile home inhabitants.  In emergencies such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquake and other natural disasters policies need to exist that describe where people should go to for help.  In some instances we need to look at the wisdom of spending money to rebuild in areas where it is known that natural dangers exists.  Doing so would decrease insurance industry costs and the pain and suffering index of those hit by the natural disasters.  If mobile homes is a cheap retirement option for people, we should at least ensure the safety of people in those structures.  After Hurricane Katrina and the broken levies destroyed much of New Orleans in flood waters, there was talk a to why reinvest in New Orleans?  Especially if the area is prone to future hurricane strikes.  Any actions to rebuild in New Orleans should have considered whether you can hurricane proof a structure.  Can man dominate and control nature?  History has shown we can not.  The government now cautions us to develop our own plans for how to deal with emergency situations.  Create our own personal disaster plan.  That does not bode well for relying on the government to be there when emergencies occur.

We need to understand what government should, can, and will do for its citizens.   We also need to understand that governments have been around for ages.  Governments have not solved century old problems such as poverty, crime, or how to effectively wipe out diseases.  First, start from the premise that governments lack originality in thought to address issues.  Then realize that governments are not the solution to resolving problems.  Our collective actions as servants of our ultimate creator provides the final answers as to our collective future on this planet.

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