Friday, March 14, 2014

Hunger In America?

A writer writes!

Ironically, I am participating in a church corporate fast for the next 38 days. I have made a conscious decision to not eat some foods, mostly meats and sweets, for the next month.  I am blessed for being able to have a choice to not eat such food items.

But unfortunately in the United States of America, there are many people who go hungry every day.  People who don't have a choice.  They don't have a job to be able to afford to buy groceries for themselves and their family. Or what food they have is just enough to get them by.

Yes, this is the same United States of America that you hear politicians bragging about being the greatest country in the world.  Well, how can any country that is the greatest have citizens who are going without food?  How can the greatest country in the world not provide jobs for people to work just to earn money to purchase food?  How can the greatest country in the world have a hunger problem?  Maybe it's time for those politicians to stop patting themselves and the United States of America on the back and direct their attention to the causes and cures for hunger in America.

One thing every person can do is to donate to such organizations as Gleaners in Indianapolis, Indiana. Gleaners takes donations of food or money for the purpose of feeding those in need. Gleaners has a food pantry from which those who are in need can come to get groceries.  This enables families to feed their children and not to turn to other means of getting money to simply buy food.

Recognizing that a hunger problem exists, I have voluntarily donated money to Gleaners for several years. Yesterday I took the next step which is to volunteer to perform manual tasks at the Gleaners warehouse in organizing and distributing food to people.

In the "greatest country in the world" people should not be going hungry.  As simple citizens we can all do our part to rid this country of hunger.  Please take the time to donate food or money to your local charity that feeds those in need.  If you have the time, spend a few hours a week volunteering to help out doing those manual tasks needed to support the effort of feeding those in need.

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