Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Life's Windshield

A writer writes!

I was returning from an errand in my car one day.  My vehicle is 10 years old, but still runs well.  It doesn't have all the computerized gadgets and safety features of today's modern vehicles.  It does not have cameras to show what is behind me as I back up or turn. It has no GPS to direct me in my paths.  I noticed that the windshield of my car is somewhat like me.  The windshield has several cracks in it.  Damaged from debris on the highways over the past 10 years. I had those cracks filled in at a repair shop to prevent the cracks from widening and causing further damage to my windshield.

The windshield is like my life.  My life started off with the innocence of youth.  Over the years I made many mistakes and poor judgments that damaged my windshield in life.  I sought to repair those cracks through a variety of methods.  The most consistent and reliable repair method has been through turning to God and a spiritual approach to life.

My life and actions over the years have not been perfect.  Like my car I encountered debris on my life road that came out of nowhere to damage my life windshield.   I could have swerved and missed some of the debris by staying on the spiritual road.  But, I made human choices and chose to detour onto side roads looking for the shortcuts in life.  On those side roads I encountered the small rocks and pebbles  that I drove right into and damaged my windshield.

My life windshield is still in tact.  It is staying in place after many years.  I still get chipped by debris.  But, I continue to go to the repair shop to fill in the cracks and get back on the highway.  My life GPS has become the Bible and seeking God's guidance.  I seek direction from God to keep me away from the self made detours and short cuts I want to take. At times I ignore the directions of my GPS, but I always wind up coming back to it for directions that I can count on.

We all need to take time to wash our windshields so we can see clearly on our journeys.  As we sometimes stop to wash our cars, I urge you to stop and check your life windshield for any cracks that need your attention.  Perform this maintenance check before your windshield's crack grows to large where it becomes a danger to you as you travel along the road of life.  It only takes hitting one big pothole in the road to shatter a severely cracked windshield.

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