Monday, March 24, 2014

Working Together to find Flight 370?

A writer writes!

It has now been 16 days since Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was last seen.  The flight had 239 people aboard.  Today the Malaysian prime minister stated that radar evidence points to the plane having crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.

With all the spy technology available to many countries, I have wondered if flight 370 was monitored as it headed towards disaster.  A Boeing 777 is a large plane and any large plane flying off course would raise danger signals in any country that it could fly into.  But initially we were told that no one knew where the plane had disappeared to.  Then suddenly we were given information regarding the last radar contacts with the plane using information from satellites.  Based on this delayed information, a statement was made today that all the passengers likely perished when the plane likely crashed into the Indian Ocean.

Today attempts to find wreckage from the plane continued in the general area where the plane apparently crashed.  There has been mention of the number of countries now working together to find the wreckage of the plane.  This spirit of working together was not readily apparent during the first days of the disappearance of the plane.

Could the effort to locate the plane been coordinated better among nations?  Was there evidence available in countries "spy" technologies that could have been used to quickly locate the plane during the first 24-48 hours of its disappearance?  If the technology was available and information not shared quickly, such non sharing speaks loudly of where we are at as a world dedicated to taking care of and watching out for each other.  If the technology was available and not used/shared, that would simple be a shame.  Non sharing would just be evidence that we are simply still in our infancy of being a "civilized" world.

Finding the wreckage of the plane and the cause of the eventual crash are the next steps. Then closure can be given the families and loved ones of those who apparently perished for a now unknown reason.

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