Saturday, March 22, 2014

Playing Catch Up to Become a Kingdom Man

A writer writes!

I attended a men's group at my church last week.  The group is for men 35 years and older.  The group is discussing Tony Evans' book "Kingdom Man".  We watched a video by the author who discussed God's plan that men exist to bring order to confusion.  Men are to represent God with the bible being our life manual.  As Mr. Evans explained it, men are to live life under the lordship of God.

I had never really heard these concepts explained before.  As I mentioned to my group members, in the context of Mr. Evans' book, I considered myself a "trainee Kingdom Man".  As I was listening to the video of Mr. Evans, it occurred to me that many men were likely to be trainees.  If we did not have a father who was a Kingdom Man, then we had no one to teach us to be one ourselves.  I do not recall my family being grounded in the church and bible as the foundation of our household. My father did not lead from biblical principles. He lead from the perspective of a man who did not have a great relationship with his own father and no daily relationship with God that I could ascertain.

Unfortunately that puts many men like myself in a catch up mode to learn and then apply the principles to become a living functioning Kingdom Man.  Yes, once we learn to become a Kingdom Man we can then pass on our knowledge to our sons or younger men and youth we encounter.  But, the presence of a Kingdom Man within a family unit at an early age is the best scenario for boys to lean to become a Kingdom Man.

Of course ideal scenarios rarely happen.  So we have to modify approaches and try to implement catch up scenarios to spread the knowledge on how to become a Kingdom Man.  Mentoring, interaction with youth at various events, and presenting ourselves in a positive manner at every opportunity around youth are simple ways we can spread the ideology of being a Kingdom Man.

Finally, playing catch up to become a Kingdom Man is better than doing nothing to become a Kingdom Man.

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