Friday, March 21, 2014

NFL To Penalize Use of "N" Word

A writer writes!

The National Football League announced that during the 2014 season officials would be charged with penalizing players who use the "N" word during games.  Officials are now charged with penalizing players for the past environments players were in that allowed the use of the "N" word.  Ironically some of the players who will be penalized will be African American players.  In African American culture the use of the "N" word has been common in conversations of a serious or joking nature.

Rather than dealing with the "problem" after players have become use to using the word, it would seem more effective if  efforts begin in high schools and college.  Behavior can be modified at any age.  But, it would be better to focus on changing the behavior and use of words at an earlier age.  Would it be more effective if professional players made community service visits to high schools urging players to refrain from using the "N" word explaining why?

Reacting to a negative with a positive action is needed in this case.  Penalizing players for something no one told them was wrong before seems to be a backwards solution.

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