Saturday, November 1, 2014

Aging Is Bad Enough?

A writer writes!

I was typically bypassing all the "human interest" stories in the Comcast news home page when I saw one with the subject title, "Aging is Bad Enough".  I didn't read the article as I've found most of the "news" on Comcast's home page isn't news but what I call "gossip literature".  It normally has no redeeming value except to take up space.  It's human chatter because we as humans can say and do whatever we want to.

But a title of "Aging is Bad Enough"?  The topic itself assumes that getting older is the worst thing that can happen to a human being.  It assumes that somehow the years from birth to age 30 are our only reason for living.  If we somehow make the mistake of living beyond 30 we have doomed ourselves to endure a terrifying existence for the remainder of our desolate years.

If getting older and aging is a terrible thing, where are all the euthanasia companies that can help us end our miserable lives after we pass age 30?

Aging is just another part of the human process.  There is nothing "bad" about aging.  Regardless of the media being dominated by images of "youthful" looking people, if you are past age 40 celebrate the fact that you are still living.  The alternative is daunting to think of.

We all want to have bodies that function well, but like old cars, our bodily mechanisms wear out as they get older.  The warranty runs out and then we are on our own.  Don't let that spoil your life.  Next time you see something that says aging is bad, laugh to yourself, order a glass of wine, and slowly sip it as you celebrate being retired and not having to work every day as the "young" folks do.

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