Monday, November 3, 2014

Election Day 2014

A writer writes!

Some 30 years ago in a college Political Science class, the instructor made a profound statement.  He said that it doesn't matter if a Republican or Democrat wins an elective office.  In our instructors view, neither "party" had the answers to the problems of the day.  His opinion at the time seemed an outrageous viewpoint.  For years we had been taught that there was a Democratic way and a Republican way of resolving problems.

Time has shown that political parties by themselves do not have the "answers" to human problems.  Yes, there have been some specific approaches taken by the two major parties, but none of those approaches have solved human based problems.

Currently we have a Congress that has been highly touted as being a "do nothing" Congress.  Stuck in gridlock and playing political games where lack of any progress is the only result.  We pay these Congressmen a salary to basically accomplish nothing that makes our overall lives better.  It sounds like an ideal job for those who want to make $100,000 plus and enjoy the perks of a political office while accomplishing little.  There are those who try to make a difference.  Apparently we need more of those type people.

As you vote, look for that candidate who seems to be "different" in a positive way.  Avoid those candidates who are talking the same political chatter that you've heard time and time again.  If we're lucky, maybe half of those who win their election will actually work to effect positive changes.  If not, we will try it again two years from now.

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