Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bill Cosby Rape Allegations

A writer writes!

The rape allegations against entertainer Bill Cosby are of course surprising.  The thought of Mr. Jello himself drugging and assaulting helpless women is one image you don’t want to dwell on.  Mr. Cosby has responded through a lawyer that he will have no comment on the allegations.  You want to say, “Come on Cliff Huxtable, tell us this isn’t true!  America’s nice sitcom dad a rapist?  Say it’s not so!”

One thing I have learned in my 50 plus years is that people are not perfect.  Who would have imagined that President Kennedy, a Catholic and leader of the United States was having affairs with women in the White House?  The same White House where his wife and children lived with him.  Other U.S. Presidents have also been tied to extra marital affairs, most recently Bill Clinton.

That among other examples is why I have come to not idolize people.  People are not perfect and make mistakes. Many of these mistakes and bad judgments are made out of view of the public eye.  More recently we have seen “public” figures caught in the act of misbehavior due to the prominence of social media capturing and sharing the information.  Remember Ray Rice?

I personally do not have a shrine to Mr. Cosby in our house.  I don’t awake paying homage to any human being.  I know, as you should know, that people do “bad” things.  Hopefully more good than bad!  Instead I put my faith and trust in our Creator.  We should all honor the good things that people accomplish, especially those done to benefit others.  But, always take caution to not put any person on a pedestal as being perfect.  You will be disappointed when negative news comes out.

I am not going to dwell on whether Mr. Cosby is guilty or not.  I have never viewed him as a saint incapable of doing no wrong.  If he assaulted these women, he will be judged when he passes on from this world.  So for the time being applaud the good things he does.  Reject those things that he has done or will do that are not positive.  If he did in fact rape these women, one would hope he would eventually “come clean” offer some type of apology and take some time of action to donate time, money or both to those charities that exist to help rape victims recover.

Lastly, stop being surprised by negative news about your human idols.  You will continually be disappointed.

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