Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day

Today we pause to pay respect to the veterans of the past and present.  Veteran's day is a reminder of one of the faults of human beings. Ultimately we don't posess the ability to resolve conflicts without turning to acts of violence and destruction of each other. Our final solution is to annihilate each other in as vicious a manner as our minds can conceive.  We've used all forms of weapons from spears,  axes, arrows, cannonballs,  bullets, bombs of various destructive power, atomic bombs, and biological weapons to terminate the lives of our "enemies". 

Our enemies often are those whom we really are not familiar with on a personal basis. Instead our government's leaders have educated us that we have enemies who pose a threat to us. Sometimes our government uses such terms as "weapons of mass destruction" in that education process.

Those who carry out the protection of our country become our veterans.  Our veterans are the ones who pay the ultimate price for our violent ways of resolving conflict.  Lives are lost,  body parts destroyed,  emotional scars created.  All because human beings have decided that war is the ultimate answer to our disagreements or desires.

I am under the view that wars have ended the lives of men and women who would have contributed to improving our world.  People who could have helped find a cure to cancer.  People who could have helped create alternative forms of energy.  The list goes on.

So, we pause to honor the veterans of the past and present. We're sorry that you had to serve in armed conflicts due to the imperfections of human beings.  We still haven't reached our potential.  Maybe we should also utilize veteran's day as a reminder that we owe future generations actions that will make veterans day only a reminder and testament to the past.

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