Monday, November 17, 2014

The New Era of Television Shows-Same Sex Relationships

A writer writes!

Over the past ten years I have substantially decreased my television viewing time.  I first cut back on my TV watching because I tired of paying $100 plus to cable TV companies for the honor of constantly flipping through channels in a hopeless attempt to find something to watch.  So I cancelled my cable and resulted to watching commercial free TV with the assistance of antennae devices.  After a 4 year exile period, I finally went back to cable solely for the purpose of being able to watch sports.

Over the past few years I started to watch a few dramatic television shows with my spouse.  In terms of background I grew up in the 1960s where married couples were depicted on television as sleeping in separate beds.  Fast forward to 2014 and now television depicts same sex relationships to include intimate moments that would never have made it to the screen in the 1960's due to censorship rules.

I recall growing up during the 1960's hearing about parents being warned to monitor what their children are watching on television.  After recently coming across four separate television shows depicting same sex relationships, now I understand why those cautions were expressed way back then.  Television now seems to be promoting same sex relationships as being the new normal.  I do wonder if our youth are watching these shows, what impressions these TV shows are making on them?

As was the response back then, parents were told to simply change the channel if you didn't like a television show.  No one is making you watch it. So, that is what I've chosen to do.  I have chosent to not watch television shows that feature and promote same sex intimate relationships.  It's very easy.  I just push a few buttons and watch something else.  I miss all the commercials of the advertisers for those shows also which is another benefit.

Maybe the "different" lifestyles are what some people want to watch on TV.  People do whatever people want to do.  That is something that has become clear to me over the years.  Whether it runs against biblical teachings, is illegal by man made laws, it doesn't matter.  If people want to do something we simply do it and take the punishment for violation of any rules/laws.

So, I've made my choice.  I have no desire to watch television shows which graphically display the intimate details of same sex relationships.  Send me a note if  you come across a network that presents a variety of dramatic shows depicting the everyday lives of African American families or other diverse programming that isn't related to same sex relationships.

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