Friday, June 19, 2015

Father's Day

Father’s Day.  I joke with my wife that on Father’s Day you can get a reservation easily at any restaurant in the city.  Even the restaurant that normally is sold out will be waving people in to fill empty seats.  So if you haven’t been able to get reservations at a special restaurant my tip is to call now and get your choice of times on Father’s Day.  The greeting card section for Father’s Day is miniscule compared to that for Mother’s Day.  If father’s play a role in creation of life, why does Father’s Day sometime feels as if it is the step child of all days?

Not to speak for all families, but for me recognition and honoring of fathers begins in each home.  The mother in the home will be the one who leads the attention given the father on Father’s Day.  If the relationship between husband and wife isn’t great or if the woman was never taught by her mother to do something special on Father’s Day, the learned behavior will be repeated in future generations.  If the mother does not tell her children to do something special for Father’s Day, then the odds are the child will not.  In some cases the relationship between the father and his children may be so positive that his children will want to recognize their dad in some way.  How many of you father’s self promote Father’s Day to ensure it’s a great event?

Besides our home lives, how are we taught about Father’s Day?  Sales in stores and commercials on television are the main reason we even know it exists.  Maybe it is mentioned at church services?  But if married women are attending church by themselves, the odds are the message is raining down to a non receptive audience that may respond only because the Pastor suggests they honor the father.  Father’s Day might be in the same category as Administrative Professional day.  It’s almost like a second tier holiday that exists because hardware and clothing stores need a reason to sell men more stuff.

Do I feel that on Father’s Day I have been recognized appropriately by my son’s or family for my positive   actions?  No, not really.  It got to a point in the past where I would reward myself on Father’s Day and go do something on my own.  Do I need the recognition?  No, not really.  My positive actions were voluntarily not so I would get nice gifts on Father’s Day.  Yes, it would be nice to see my son’s do something special for me on Father’s Day.

How have I recognized my father on Father’s Day?  I send the traditional card and in the past I may have sent cash or purchased an item.  Plus of course the all time popular phone call to wish him a happy Father’s Day.  When I was a child I don’t recall any big Father’s Day celebrations in our household. 

To all those fathers who sacrificed for your family, and who tried to do the best for your family, Happy Father’s Day.  Your reward is the memory of the smiles and joy you brought to your children’s lives over the years.  Your reward is seeing them lead a positive and productive life.  Maybe you were an influence to the lifestyle they now lead.  Really, we don’t need one official day of the year to recognize anyone.  We honor people at any time we want to.  Kids, honor both your parents at any opportunity you are given.

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