Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pre emptive Strikes Against Domestic Hate/Terrorism

Over a year ago I posted a blog with the audacious idea that "Hate groups" should be outlawed in these United States of America.  Those who organize hate groups are able to spread their beliefs behind the protective umbrella of Freedom of Speech. They are shrewdly inspiring others to take acts of violence against those whom they hate.  The organizers of hate groups are inspiring many to despise those of different ethnicity and behaviors.  These organizers are brainwashing individuals to become walking time bombs who one day will carry out acts of violence against those whom they have been taught to hate.

Yes, the United States has outlawed hate crimes, but it has not outlawed the existence of hate groups. The United States agrees that criminal acts against others based on hatred deserves prosecution.  But, in the same breath the United States allows for proliferation of hatred under the umbrella of freedom of speech.  There is a disconnect there.

 Politicians understand that education leads to a specific course of action or behavior.  Hate groups serve as colleges of hate.  These hate groups are producing magna cum laude graduates of hate who are then sent out into the world to apply what they have been taught.  So, do not be surprised at events such as the murders in the church in Charleston, South Carolina.  It will happen again, and again, and again.  It will happen until people stop teaching hate and sending graduates of hate into the world.

Control of guns is only a follow up action to ensure that graduates of hate do not get the tools of death and destruction to apply what they have been taught.  Every time these events occur the call goes up for tighter gun control.  But there are other dimensions that need to be addressed.  Along with dealing with the hate groups, effective mental health care needs to exist.

There is no need to be more fearful of your safety after the events in Charleston.  We've been taught in the past 15 years that we are pretty much on our own in terms of protecting ourselves from terrorism.  We're taught to be vigilant, "see something, say something".  Report suspicious activity or devices.  Our schools now have doors locked to the outside public with cameras to screen visitors.  Armed guards may now patrol significant public events.  Note the security detail that surrounds those who run for major public offices such as President.  There are people walking around who are mentally ill and who are walking time bombs waiting for their moment.  If their hate cannot be turned around and quieted the violence and destruction of lives will continue.

I was glad to hear that one visible instrument that raises concerns of hate may become less visible.  The Confederate flag, a monument to a time when one region of this country fought to preserve slavery.  The state of South Carolina is once again considering changing the policy of displaying the Confederate flag.  A retail store has now stopped selling the Confederate flag.  It's unfortunate it takes the murder of people to inspire action.

The United States government appears to have a preemptive strike policy against terrorists in other countries.  Our government has and will take forceful action against those known to promote others to carry out hateful violent actions.  So why don't we have a preemptive strike policy against agents of hate within our own country?  If you attempt to inspire others to take violent actions against others why can't you be held accountable for their actions?

Now is the time for continual action.  Stop supporting agents of hate and the tools that advertise and promote hate.

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