Friday, June 12, 2015

NBC Today Show Childish "news" item - Lebron James Adjusts His Uniform?

This morning while in an exercise room, I turned on the television that watches people exercise, and was met by the scene of the NBC Today morning news program.  Or it's what some people call news.  The reporter eagerly with a big smile on his face, was mentioning a scene from last night's NBA playoffs where while adjusting his clothes, a private part of Lebron's body was exposed to the camera.  Of course I was shocked that this was found worthy of a "news" item.  But, we're dealing with commercial/entertainment/news programs in the United States that are pretty much becoming of little redeeming value, let alone of any news value.

The male reporter was getting pretty giggly over the story.  It was almost as if he were having flashbacks to his childhood days where such things would get an "ooh!" from a 9 or 10 year old.  The clip of Lebron adjusting his clothes was shown maybe 2-3 times.  As the clip airs I'm thinking to myself, American news programs has stooped to a lower level than even I could have expected.  The producer/director or whomever approved adding that clip to the morning news should be shown the way to the front door along with all of their belongings and told not to come back.

If that is the best that NBC can do, then they should get out of the morning news business and divert their efforts into developing a show that can compete with Sesame Street on PBS.  You could tell by the reaction of the weather man listening to the reporter gush over the story, that even he was surprised and maybe a little embarrassed that his show was airing the "news/entertainment" clip.

I'm now thinking that some networks expanding their coverage of "news" is not doing us any favors.  If such news stories as this are the best they can do, don't bother showing us this type dribble.  It's insulting to the audience and you are embarrassing your network and yourselves.

I'm now thinking that all we need is a 15 minute daily news program that covers key national items, a major local item, any true sports/entertainment news and then close out with the weather.  That'll take all of what 15 minutes?  That leaves us with time to talk to each other, read a book, or some other intellectual activity other than being bombarded with repetitive nonsensical trivia from the media.  Exercise your power and turn your TV off if you keep getting bombarded with media non sense.

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