Monday, June 8, 2015

Vapor Cigarettes - What Gives?

I'm trying to figure out the appeal of vapor cigarettes.  Is there something about sticking something in our mouths that we think makes us look more appealing?  Is the ability to produce smoke out of our mouth a human need that we just can't get away from?  Somehow the media taught people years ago that smoking was the thing to do.  Somehow smoking made you stand out among the crowd.  It made you someone who was admired.

Now many years later we also know that while being admired you were also setting up yourself for an introduction to your new lifetime friend, cancer.  Except that cancer was going to ensure that the friendship would be a relatively short one.  So, advertisements for smoking were banned from many public medium and smoking as an accepted practice has pretty much been banned from the planet Earth.

Now along comes vapor cigarettes.  Quietly strolling through our life and popping up in movie theaters, malls and where ever people congregate.  Little chimneys of white smoke suddenly appearing out of nowhere.  Maybe I'll stop the next person I see with one and ask them what do they get from "smoking" vapor?  Now that I think of it, there used to be a cartoon on television maybe in the late 1960s or early 1970s that featured a character who would pull out cigarette like devices and after inhaling on one would have "super" type powers.  So is that what vapor cigarettes do for you?  Are those who are "vaporing up" getting ready to display some super hero act?

If so, maybe I'd better keep my smartphone camera ready for when I next encounter Vapor Man or Vapor Woman.

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