Sunday, December 22, 2013

All Things Are Possible!

A writer writes!

The pastor of our church read from Luke chapter 2 for today's sermon.  Chapter 2 describes how Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph and was expecting a child.  Of course the child she was expecting was Jesus, the son of God.  Joseph knew that the child Mary was carrying was not his. Imagine the scandalous talk regarding Mary being pregnant before her marriage to Joseph.

So, why would God create a situation where His Son is brought into an environment surrounded by scandalous talk?  Why didn't God have his Son born into a "respectable" situation by worldly community standards?   Jesus was not born into a wealthy family, or born into a family of a human King where worldly power was inherent by the last name of his worldly father.  Instead Jesus Christ was born into a working man's family.  Joseph possessed the skills of a carpenter, a valuable trade, but one that did not bring riches and wealth.

What if God had chosen to have his Son born as a child to a same sex female couple?  The speculation and talk regarding who is the father surely would have existed.  Would God have allowed a situation where a couple living a life outside of God's plan be charged with raising the Son of God?  If you read the bible you will see that Jesus Christ was not selective in whom he associated with.  He spoke to those who in His day were scorned and reviled by the people.

Great things come from situations that are not perfect in the eyes of the world.  It's a lesson that we as people have not fully come to understand.  As the bible tells us, through Christ all things are possible.

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