Monday, December 2, 2013

The Affordable Health Care Act - A Humorous Look

A writer writes!

The Affordable Health Care Act, also dubbed, "Obamacare" is having some growth problems as all newborns do.  I recall the day the law was passed.  The White House had a big ceremony. Everybody was all smiles and giving each other high fives.  Joe Biden told the President, “this is a big f***ing deal!”  Now jump forward a year and proponents, and former backers are jumping ship.  Vice President Biden called in sick the past 3 days to avoid questions about "Obamacare".  Michelle O'bama recently  told the President, “I guess you're not so bad now are you?”  Obama’s previous cool walk is a little less cool, a little slower, with his shoulders now hunched down.

The website bombed out.  People couldn't log in.  Those trying to log in actually got carpal tunnel from the repeated motion of trying to log on.  Then they didn't have any insurance to pay for the carpal tunnel surgery.  People got stressed out trying to get online.  Blood pressures went up.  Folks had anxiety attacks worried about getting health insurance.  By a recent poll, all of these events has made trying to get health insurance the number three reason why people get sick!

The website does have problems though.  I was in the site and typed in "sesame seed diet" to see if any health carriers paid for specific diet treatments.  The next think I know, I find myself watching a download of episodes from the children's TV show Sesame Street.  So, I watched a couple of episodes and then logged out.  It wasn't the health care research results I wanted from but it was entertaining.  I sent the website a nice note thanking them for the entertainment options provided by the website.

Well, none of the above is really true.  But, it is wishful thinking for those who want the Affordable Health Care Act to fall flat on it's face.  Let's give the Act a chance and make the necessary changes as time and conditions dictate.  It's the closest this country has come to mandatory health care.  Who wants to go backwards?

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