Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time out from the World

A writer writes!

I often find it effective to be still.  Call time out to slow down life around me.  At times that may mean letting the world move forward while I remain still.  The waves in the world are powerful and will carry you along at its pace, if you allow it to. So at times I call time out, and on occasion take a physical step back, to stop the world from controlling me.

I do not watch much television.  Again the prospect of the world sending me images as I sit passively watching does not excite me.  I seek out those images and information on television that I want to see and hear.  Other images I just shake my head at in disgust as I can't believe we as people have resorted to idolizing each other and the tremendously stupid things we do.

I remain critical of my actions, especially any that are based on being caught up with what the world says is important.  Maybe self criticism and assessment is what we all need to do to reach our full potential? In the background I play Gospel/Christian music.  Playing such music is my attempt to let the world know that I recognize we have a creator whose accomplishments dwarfs anything we have done individually or collectively.

It's the Christmas Season.  A time we have turned into a gift buying seasonal period of decorations, and ringing of bells outside stores.  This is a good time to call time out from the world. To first realize and reflect that this season is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the human based Son of God.  So take time out to reflect on the reason for this season.  Then reflect on whether you are caught up in the events of the world.  If you find that you are, stop, and take a step back. Then move forward at your pace.

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