Friday, December 6, 2013

Thinking for Ourselves

A writer writes!

During the Christmas season, unfortunately commercialism tends to reign over the reason for the season.  Forgotten is the theme that it is a time to recognize the birth of Jesus Christ who was given to this world to save us from our sinful ways.

One of the commercial pressures of this season is to purchase "gifts" that we are told our kids need, or that we need.  I recall past years where toys were touted as being in high demand.  Because of the commercial pressure that you were not a complete human being if you didn't give your kids these toys, parents would fight over and spend inordinate amounts of money to get the toy.  The only reason we had to get the gift is because somebody told us it was important to get the gift.  Even now still fights at stores on Black Fridays are a normal occurrence.  Until a major lawsuit is initiated by a consumer hurt at one of these store events, stores and companies will not do anything to ensure these Black Friday events are peaceful and orderly.

Which comes to my point.  People need to actually call time out and think for themselves.  Ask yourself, "what do I really need?"   "What do I really want and why?"  We need to stop letting companies whose purpose is to make money, tell us what we need.  People, we actually have a brain that allows us to logically make decisions by ourselves.

Companies are good at marketing items to us in a way that tells us we need what they have to offer. Whether it is clothes, fashion, appliances, televisions, food, we are bombarded daily with images and information designed to make us buy what a company has to offer.  I recall years ago when flat screen televisions started to be sold.  I had the economic means to purchase one, but the old style televisions I had still worked.  So, my thought process was why should I buy a flat screen TV if the ones I had worked?  But, I know for a fact that people whose income was half of mine went out and purchased a flat screen TV because they could not resist the marketing from companies that they needed one to be a complete human being.

My thought process was if I needed something I would buy it.  Otherwise I would marvel at all the new items in the stores, but walk right by them as I didn't need the items at the time.  They say we as people are very intelligent.  But, it seems we also are also very gullible.  If we can be convinced to purchase a pet rock we can be convinced to buy anything.

For 2014 here is something you can do.  Think for yourself and decide what is best for you and your family.

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