Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dealing With Our Apples

A writer writes!

One aspect of being a human being, is having a free will that drives us to do what we want to do. Unfortunately some things we want to do involves actions that are illegal, immoral, or just plain wrong.  We violate traditions, customs, rules, laws, ethics, and ignore the clear warnings of the consequences of these actions.

Historically, we have been doing so since Eve and her spouse Adam took a bite from the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.  The rules were plain.  Yes, Eve, got some motivation and urging to make the decision she made.  But, the decision was hers, as it was Adam's decision to follow her lead.

What leads us to make these bad decisions?  Is the promise of instant gratification and immediate pleasure what drives us to do what we want to do?  Is it worth taking the short cut to achieve a desire rather than settling for a walk through the maze called life?  Apparently in some cases we as people do not want to wait.  We want it now and don't understand why we should wait.

The patience to be strong and fight off the temptation to take the short cut is difficult.  Who wants to do all the work when you have an option to easily get what you want?  If you can go out the front door and pick up a $100 bill you see on  your doorstep, why would you go out the back door and walk around to the front to pick up the money?  We've been taught that hard work can lead to success.  But, we often forget that principle in making decisions.

We all deal with our own apples in this life.  Most of the time we decide to leave the forbidden fruit alone.  Then there are instances when we just give in to the ease at which we can achieve something we want.  How can we stay on the path where we always make the decision to not take the forbidden fruit?  Maybe it has to be ingrained into us from birth to only do what is correct?  But who among us can achieve saint hood throughout all of our life?  Some do in specific aspects of their lives.  Not all of us resort to murder to settle a grievance.  Not all of us steal to get money to live.  Some societies have harsh penalties for those actions deemed to be unacceptable.  Even then, some of us violate those rules thinking we will not be caught.

Dealing with our apples may come down to being a day-to-day event.  The more we stay on the course where correct decisions are made, the better our chances of continuing to make the correct decisions in the future.  If you falter, don't settle for continuing to make the wrong decision.  Attempt to counteract that failure by making as many positive and correct decisions in your future actions.  We can't correct all of our mistakes, but we can consciously make better decisions in the future.

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