Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 seconds to care

A writer writes!   On vacation at Disney World. I noticed that cashiers were surprised when I asked them how they were doing (in response to their question on how I was doing). Some even thanked me for asking how they were doing.

That made me wonder if guests normally ask them how they are doing.  If people are not asking them, that seems sad.

Yes they are working to provide services to guests. Buy, that does not mean people should not be courteous to others.  Just take 5 seconds to ask someone providing you a service how THEY are doing. It's just 5 seconds out of your day to ask another human being how their day is going.

It shows that you care. It shows that you care about their welfare. It shows how they feel does matter. It shows they are important too.

The next time someone providing you a service asks you how YOU are doing, return the favor. Just say "fine, and how are you?"

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