Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Veterans Hospital Crisis - A call to a new standard of Public Service

A writer writes!

News reports have surfaced regarding poor and sometimes non existent services being provided by our nation's Veterans hospitals.  Although I am not sure of the reasons for the lack of proper services it does lend attention to one need.  Working for the Federal government or any governmental entity requires an employee dedicated to providing superior services. Working for the Federal government should not just be considered a job from which you gain income to pay your bills.  Public servants should be held to a higher level of expectations solely because their is no substitute for anything but excellence when you in fact work for the public.

Public servants who knowingly do not provide service that is helpful do not need to be employed by the Federal government.  Plain and simple.  In my 35 year career as a public servant, I became aware of employees caught and fired for stealing government funds; improper behavior in the workforce; and selfish behavior where the employee's goals were more important than their public service responsibility.

Sometimes employees who really care attempt to expose bad practices in the Federal government.  Whistleblowing is supposed to be a protected practice, but sometimes those employees who attempt to expose wrongdoing may suffer from coming forward.  There may be a need to further protect whistleblowers so more employees step forward to expose illegal or poor customer service practices.  As in the case of poor services to veterans, those who come to the Federal government for help should expect to receive the best response and services possible.

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