Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Family Matters

A writer writes!

I just came back from visiting my parents in Dallas, Texas.  They are both in their mid 80's.  The original plan was to have a family reunion gathering all the grandkids, and great grandkids together for the first time.  Since mostly everyone is in Texas, I thought it would not be too hard to pull together.  An older brother was my primary contact and tentative plans were made.  But, apparently there wasn't much buy in from the grandkids to participate in the event.  So, it was canceled.

 I had already made airline flight arrangements to take my family party of five to the event.  So, I quickly prepared a backup plan to head to San Antonio for a day of tourist activity to salvage the trip.  Those plans were further supplemented to give my oldest son and wife a chance to visit an Aunt's family in Dallas for a day and a half instead of going with us to San Antonio.   Those plans worked out well.  We all still gathered to visit my parents for a day.

The demise of the family has been talked about for years.  Especially in the African American family.  It was my attempt to gather the family together so we at least could meet each other in some cases for the first time.  I have at least 20 nephews and nieces I have not seen in over 14 years.  In order to bring families together we need to make efforts to gather and spend time together. Unfortunately my attempt did not work totally.  The nucleus of our family, mom, dad, brothers and sister were able to gather for awhile.  So, from that foundation future efforts may occur that will slowly but surely bring more communication and closeness in my family.

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