Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Writing Minus Forced Distractions

A writer writes! On vacation. Can a retired person like myself have a vacation?  If so, a vacation from what?

In my case, since I retired I have worked on my writing most days. Some days household errands consumed the bulk of my day. But whatever I do or don't do is based on my making a decision. In that respect I have freedom from being directed by others during the day.

After 35 years of following rules,  regulations and norms for expected behavior,  it is refreshing to have that freedom.
During a work day I rarely had a chance to be innovative.  I was always directed towards thinking and reacting in an expected fashion.

When we have day to day jobs, we really don't have freedom to do as we wish.  Now I have that luxury.  If I am distracted from my primary interest of writing, it is my fault that I get distracted.

It is up to me to produce the quality of writing products that I would like to produce.  I like the challenge. Now, do I have the ideas and skills to produce writing products that people will find interesting?

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