Thursday, May 29, 2014

Other Things Lance Stephenson Said/Did During Games Against Miami

Lance: "Bron.  After the game, let's go get some nachos!"

Lance: During game 4 in Miami.  "Bron.  Hey man.  After game I'm coming by your crib to play Xbox, okay?

Lance walking into the Heat dressing room: "Ooops!  I thought this was the bathroom.  Hey Bron!  How about an autograph for my mom?"

Lance: During game 5.  "Bron.  At the next time out, go get me a hot dog and a Coke.  Lance is hungry!"

Lance:  "Bron.  If I sign with Miami this year, can I come stay at your crib?"

Lance:  "Le Bron.  Is that French?"

Lance Stephenson was seen eating a hamburger, fries and vanilla shake on the hood of Lebron James' car before Game 4 in Miami.  Lance was heard to say, "I forgot the apple pie!"

During a game 5 time out, Lance grabbed Eric Spoelstra's water bottle and took a swig from it.  Then handed it to Eric, saying.  "It's too warm. You don't like cold Gatorade?"

After flopping in game 5 Lance told the referee, "I think I got two concussions on that fall. Call 911."

To Dwayne Wade.  "If you changed your last name to Wayne, you would be Batman's cousin."

To Lebron James. "Can you get me tickets to the Beyonce/Jay Z concert?"

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