Saturday, May 10, 2014

Making Time to Reflect

A writer writes!

I am back after a 5 day getaway to Florida.  It was mostly quiet time to call time out from life, reorganize myself and re energize my thoughts.  I feel much calmer and re focused.  The key is that I was under no pressure and I had time to just observe others and just think.

In our everyday lives, we are pulled in many directions from the time we awake.  Preparing to go to work, interacting with a spouse, friend, children or partner.  All those interactions involve thoughts, actions, and on the spot decision making.  We don't always have time to call time out to reflect on some comment or question directed our way.   Others often want or need our response immediately.  Sometimes we have the luxury of delaying a response until we have had time to think about a reaction. That mostly happens on our jobs, at work.

Otherwise we are expected to respond on the spot with some type of answer.  Whether we are prepared to respond immediately is another issue.  It would be great to have time to reflect before we answer a question.  But, often questions come to us and we are not prepared to answer.  Maybe we should then just say, I don't know or give me time to think about it first.

Having time the past few days to reflect about various issues in my life was simply great.  But, others around us are still seeking on the spot answers.  To take some of the pressure off yourself, ask others seeking your response about their view on the topic.  Then together maybe you both can answer the question.

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