Saturday, July 26, 2014

Driving in Chicago

A writer writes!

I'm in Chicago amongst the seemingly millions of people who have all decided to converge downtown, all at one time.  I've quickly learned that if you don't drive properly and keep traffic moving you get serenaded by a cascade of car horns beeping at you to comply and keep traffic moving or get out of the way.

I haven't quite deciphered what each type of horn blast means. There is the short horn blast which I think means "go ahead stupid". There's the long horn blast which seems to be a blast of profanity. Then there's the constant horn blowing which just seems to be a letting out of frustration.

Maybe someone has actually done a study of blowing car horns?  If so help me out before the people of Chicago surround me in a circle of cars and rain down upon me a thunderous shower of car horn blasts.

To keep me out of harms way, I've decided to park our car for the duration of the stay in Chicago.  We'll walk to wherever we need to go. A mile, three miles whatever.  No more car horns!

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