Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Royalty? - I don't Get it!

A writer writes!

I saw another item featured on television as being "news" which of course to me was not news.  My wife tells me they are human interest stories.  I would characterize the stories as human self adoration stories.

In this instance there was a story about new photos being published of the royal baby in Great Britain.  I think his name is George.  I couldn't but think why is this tradition continued in Great Britain to the point that people are actually financing the lifestyle of the royal family?  Yes, some members of the royal family travel around and do charitable deeds.  If they didn't I would even think less of this royal tradition than I currently do.

What makes the royal family any better than any other family?  We do.  We place upon them adoration and idolization based on a human need to have man made idols.  As with any family I wish the "royal family" all the best in the world.  But, I really don't care what the royal baby is wearing or what he likes to eat for breakfast.  As with all babies, I'm glad he is presumably healthy.  I do wonder what would the royal family do if the baby was disabled or had some illness that prevented him from living what we call a normal life?

I don't know how many social causes or philanthropic activities the royal family devotes time to.  But, it would seem that should be what they dedicate their lives too.  Making the world better than it is.

Until then, every time I hear a news story coming on about the royal family, I quickly turn to another channel.

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