Monday, July 14, 2014

Wanting to be a Citizen of the World

A writer writes!

I was wondering.  At one point did it become necessary for countries to develop immigration policies?  From my recollection of high school history lessons, thousands of years ago, people could travel and wander wherever they wanted.  They may not have been welcomed with open arms but they could at least get into the country.

Now you have to show vaccination records, and numerous types of identification just to cross over a country's border.  I understand the need for showing health related documentation.  Ask a Native American what happened to their culture due to chicken pox being delivered on infected blankets by settlers.

One think I know for sure, I can't travel into another country without some identification as to who I am, and a reason for traveling into the country.  So, if I wake up and decide, "I feel like traveling to Brazil today in South America!" I just can't hop on a plane or make a 35 hour drive there without having a passport and a reason for visiting the country.

That means I am not a citizen of the world.  But, that is what I want to be.  God created the world not people.  So, why can't I as a creation of God visit the places that God created for us to enjoy?  Russia, China, Europe.  I likely have to go through Customs in each country before I can get in and wander and explore the country.  It's not like I am from another planet in the solar system.

But, us civilized people on the planet Earth have established all types of barriers, physical, mental, social, economic, political, etc. to prevent us from just being citizens of the World.  We are stuck behind fences, establish laws to keep people out and some in, and pretty much just make being a human being more complicated that it should be.  Especially for those of us who just want to travel around the world neighborhood.

One thing the barriers accomplish is that it keeps us apart.  It keeps us from becoming unified.  It keeps us from having the ability to come to a better understanding of our creator.  It keeps us from reaching our full potential. It keeps us from understanding that we have common problems that need the attention of all the citizens of the world.  We also lose the ability to communicate openly with one another, although the internet is breaking down some of those barriers.

Maybe one day I can just be plain old Arnell Hill, citizen of the planet Earth. Until then, I guess I'd better keep my passport up to date.

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