Thursday, July 17, 2014

Indiana Pacers - Feeding Other NBA Teams Talent?

A writer writes!

The NBA free agent scenario, a distraction from our own daily lives is starting to wind down now. After Lebron James announced his return to Cleveland, other teams and players began to make decisions.  The Indiana Pacers had one "star" in the free agent mix, that being Lance Stephenson. Yesterday, Lance announced that he would be signing a contract with the Charlotte Hornets, ending his three year association with the Pacers.

Ironically Indiana's nemesis the Heat, also gained the talents of former Pacers, Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts.  The Heat and Hornets are in the same conference as the Pacers.  Now in the upcoming season, Pacer fans will be able to see former players giving their all to defeat their former Pacer team and teammates.  As most Hollywood stories go, these players will likely have career nights against the Pacers or score the game winning basket with 1 second to go.  That's how it always seems to happen.

But, that is the new landscape of sports.  Players have more choices on where they will play. Whereas in the old days, "owners" could trade a player away on a whim and disrupt their entire life and the life of their family.  With economic freedom comes fewer player careers with one team.  I don't look forward to Lance Stephenson, Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts coming back to Bankers Life Fieldhouse to put on a show for the fans and to assist in their team beating the Pacers.  But, you can see it coming.  I will be interested in watching Larry Bird's face when those players are having career nights against the Pacers.  Practice your stone face Larry!

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