Monday, July 7, 2014

Reverse Immigration the wave of the future?

A writer writes!

One of the more ridiculous statements I've read in the past 3 weeks was on a popular news website.  It stated that President Obama's policies on immigration enticed children of immigrants to come to the United States through the southern border.  That means that you had 6 and 9 year old children pouring over volumes of legal statutes and deciding, "Hey, these policies mean I should leave my country and walk over to the United States!"

It's not the immigration policies that enticed their parents to send them to the United States.  It might be the fact that the United States offers material, financial, and social benefits that South American countries are not offering.  It's the same reason why citizens of the United States relocate from one state to another.  The gaining state has conditions (whether it's cheaper housing, warmer climate, no state taxes, etc.) that benefits the citizens moving from one state to another.

I have yet to see residents of other states being turned back at the borders from relocating to a new state.  Maybe that will be the next evolution of immigration policy.  Will immigration between states be banned, especially if you are a minority?  Or if your income is less than $90,000 you may not be allowed to migrate to another state?

It's not Presidential policies that is behind the flight of people to the United States from impoverished countries.  They just want a higher standard of living and want to enjoy the comforts of life they see on television, or other visual media.

It's only a matter of time before we see reverse immigration starting.  Citizens of the United States will maintain their citizenship as Americans, but purchase cheap land in South America.  They will then build nice houses there that would cost big bucks in the United States to build.  They will then have a South American getaway to go to during Winter months.  The homes they leave behind will be rented via time shares to the immigrants who have come to the United States for better living conditions.

To see this theory in action, just drive downtown in any urban city in America.  You will see refurbished homes, new homes, condos, and apartments sprouting up in rapid order.  Gone are the old dilapidated homes formerly held by the poor.  The inner city poor migrate elsewhere and then those with money swoop down to recreate the neighborhood in the image they want.  Reverse immigration is the next evolution.  So, start checking on flights to South America now.  It's time to start searching for where to build your dream home.

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