Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Just Because You Could

A writer writes!

You forcefully took people away from their homes, their family, their freedom, their lives. You took them for your economic benefit.  You took them not acknowledging that they had the right to live just as you.  You didn't care.  You proclaimed yourself supreme with the right to play God and transform the futures of others into a system of slavery.  You raped African women as you were unable to control your sexual desires and lusts.  You found yourself to not be the Christian you thought you were. Later you railed against inter racial marriages forgetting your rapist actions against African women whom you forced into slavery.  You forget that you are responsible for the same things you railed against.

You annihilated an entire race native to the land you now call home.  You destroyed a culture rich in history, so you could selfishly establish your own domain.  You chose not to share, instead you took what you proclaimed as yours.  You established selfishness, uncaring attitudes and a class society in the new world.  You put materialism over God.  You lied to God every day and told God that the people he created who did not look like you were lesser than you.  You spewed endless hatred from your mouth and through your actions against other people, just because their skin color was different from yours.  You murdered innocent people as if they were evil, when it was you who was possessed with an evil soul.

You did all of these things because you could.  Choices that you knowingly made.  But, you have forgotten all of the negatives of your past.  You now basque in the glow of your materialistic lives.  You hide behind your four walls of "success".  You only look forward, not to the sins of the past.

True greatness is acknowledging your mistakes and committing to actions that set a course to reverse the wrongs of the past.  Humble yourself and acknowledge your Creator who awaits the positive actions that show you care about your fellow human beings.

Just because you can.

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