Thursday, April 16, 2015

A World without Updates and Alerts

My new smartphone is becoming a nuisance.  It constantly keeps me aware of events in sports; latest Facebook posts by friends; incoming email; and whatever else I asked it to do.  The constant sounds of the arrival of new information seemed to be continuous.  Finally I decided that I don't need to know what is going in the world at the exact moment it happens.  People before me somehow survived without getting updates on every minuscule world event.  So, I feel so can I.

I've changed my alert settings as much as I know how.  I will be ignoring all the minor events I've been getting updates on for at least the next 7 days.  This includes watching and reading news events whether on television or through social media.

Basically I've had enough of the world telling me what's important.  Now it's my turn to ignore the world and focus on what is going on immediately around me in my personal world.  I'll report daily on how this experience is going.  I am curious to see how much I can accomplish without being up to date on the latest up to the second news.

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