Friday, April 24, 2015

Domestic Violence Double Standard?

A commercial during the NFL season advertises a “discount double check” in reference to an auto insurance company.  I’m waiting to see if the WNBA will have a “domestic violence double standard” when/if it delivers penalties against WNBA players Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson once final deliberations occur on assault and disorderly conduct charges filed against the two partners this week.  In this same sex society, Johnson is the fiancee’ of Griner.

Same sex partners qualify for health insurance, life insurance benefits and other entitlements given those who are involved in committed relationships.  In the past year the NFL has come down heavily on domestic violence committed by its players.  A Dallas Cowboy player recently was given a 10 game penalty for his domestic violence issues.  Apparently the domestic violence in this instance involved a pushing, punching, and wrestling category of violence.  Maybe that type of domestic violence is more “acceptable” in our society?  We will find out.  First reports are that police did respond to a 911 call regarding the domestic confrontation occurring.  If not for that, this would likely have remained a private issue, for the time being.

Yeah Griner and Johnson are young, under the pressure of an upcoming marriage, etc.  But we’ve been told there are no excuses when it comes to domestic violence.  So once the legal judgments are made we will see what WNBA President Laurel Richie, and the respective teams do in responding to the final legal verdicts.  Suspensions and fines may follow.  Hopefully Griner and Johnson will pause and review their behavior and reassess if they are truly ready for marriage.  Good luck ladies.

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