Friday, April 17, 2015

Unplugged day 1 (continued)

The first day of unplugging began with my first non spousal interaction being attendance at a funeral.  In this instance the funeral of a 92 year old African American man who lead a full life.  The man's legacy continues in that of his grandchildren, one of whom gave the family remarks at the funeral.  It was a dignified ceremony that gave testament to the man whose going home was being celebrated.  I did note the intrusion of technology by a couple of cell phones at one point in the ceremony.

Other than checking email for any important messages, I kept my phone  in dumb phone mode and enjoyed a quiet day from receiving non stop messages about events in the world that I could not influence even if I wanted to.  Instead of feeling detached from the world, I feel free from it.  The information flow can be a little too much at times.  Distractions that I don't really need.  I enjoyed an after funeral lunch with my spouse in an outside table of a restaurant enjoying the view of nature.  The return to the highway of automobiles brought back the reality of living in a mechanical/technological world.

I interacted with technology some to take care of paying bills and getting information.  Plus to call a friend to set up a future relaxing engagement.  Spent some time doing minor outdoor cleanup around the home to include some minor landscape cleanup.  No desire to watch commercial TV or to see what is available for entertainment options on cable stations too numerous to list, and which offer little.  Instead I chose to read a book at the pace I want to.

I have no idea what the national or world headlines are.  Apparently nothing too urgent or warning sirens would have gone off by now.  Sometimes what you don't know about can be a calming experience.

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