Saturday, April 18, 2015

Unplugged Day 2

Unplugged from social media.  The most immediate impact is that I'm aware of less drama going on in the outside world that is publicized on social media.  Those posts that get shared on Facebook are mostly depressing and minimally positive or inspiring.  So I don't miss seeing those.  I've used my smart phone to check on weather, read mail and to actually make a few phone calls.  I've also limited my laptop to be of the same use.  Getting information, sending information out, and lastly writing this blog.  TV watching has been limited to listening to music on a music channel and now watching NBA playoffs for my distraction for the day.  I'm starting to wonder what is the true value of social media other than allowing others to gain information through fingertips?  The negative sharing of information can't be seen as a plus can it?  Cutting back on access to information pushed out to me also allows me to truly focus on the things already on my To Do list.  Maybe we all need to take at least a couple of days off each week to not interact with our social media connections.  Then see how much you really accomplish.

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