Friday, April 17, 2015

Unplugged Day 1

Into first morning of "unplugged".  I jogged absent the earphones that typically played music while I ran.  I chose to listen to the sounds around me instead.  The prevalent sounds as I jogged were the sounds of cars, fountains spraying water, and the sounds of birds chirping in the trees.  My thought was it would be nice to be able to jog in an area where there were no man made sounds.  The sounds of cars isn't really a pleasant sound.  I longed to just hear nature by itself absent the mechanical sounds that man has created.

I noticed numerous spider web designs among bushes I ran buy .  The designs were illuminated by the morning dew.  The web designs are amazing in their complexity and simplicity.  I ran along a man made trail which was near the automobile traffic I heard constantly during my run.  My thought was to appreciate any future trips I will take that are away from cars!  I ran over several man made bridges of various length and height.  One was over a reservoir typically occupied by numerous boats during the summer.  That part of the run presents a nice scenic view although today it was foggy.

As I returned home, I noticed the large wet hoof prints of a deer on the running trail.  I had not noticed the prints on my original jaunt past that spot some 15 minutes before, so I looked around for evidence of the deer still being in the area.

Back to increased civilization and views of homes I continued to see and hear the sounds of birds and automobiles intermixed as I jogged home.  I admired the scene of trees and the blue sun filled sky.  There were some wooded areas near the path that afforded a view of nature.

My only consolation to technology during my jog was to run with a cell phone as my insurance in case I injured myself and needed to make an emergency call.  Otherwise running unplugged was a pleasant experience.  My only desire was to run in a more peaceful area away from the mechanical sounds man has created.  Now it's time to interact with other people during this unplugged day.

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