Monday, April 27, 2015

Store Workers - How About Greeting Me First?

In some retail stores, the humanistic greeting, “Good morning!”, “Hello!”, or “Welcome!”, has been replaced by “Can I help you?”  That “greeting” devoid of any joy to personally see you sounds as if the store worker wants to quickly get your money and send you out of the store back to wherever the hell you came from!  Every time I hear that  “Can I help you?” greeting I am tempted to reply, “Sure, you can shop for me, pay my bill, and then give me a ride home.  I’ll be sitting in the food court waiting for you.”  I wonder what the store worker would say then?  Maybe one of you can try that response and let me know what happened afterwards?  Do these store workers take any customer service training before starting their jobs?  If you've had some “customer service from hell” experiences please share them with me.  Until then, have a good day!

You can share your store experiences either via email to me at or by leaving comments to this blog or responding to the tweet!  Thank you.

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