Sunday, August 25, 2013

Black Males on a Predominant White Campus

 A writer writes!  I attended a reception for incoming minority Freshmen at the University of Evansville, in Evansville, Indiana yesterday afternoon.  I graduated from UE in 1980 after beginning my journey there in 1975.  In 1975 there were few black students attending the university.  There had been attempts to increase the numbers of black students at the school in the 1960s,  When I attended there were probably in the range of 70-100 students  who attended the school.  There were enough of us where we could establish friendships and not feel alone in the environment.

Yesterday, I only saw 2 black males at the reception.  I am not sure of the high school background they came from.  But I do hope they are not the only 2 black male freshmen attending the school.  When I attended the school I recall trying to organize the black Freshmen before I even attended the school.  I became active on campus in a number of organizations from student government to belonging to student activities organizations.  I had a chance to speak to the 2 freshmen at the reception.  My advice was to enjoy the experience, take advantage of what the school has to offer, and get involved in campus activities.  Most minority students are successful if they get involved in activities and express their views.

Hopefully the 2 black males are used to being a minority in numbers in educational environments.  Not having many friendship choices to choose from is something they can overcome.  But, I'm sure from my experiences, there may be some moments when they feel like a fish out of water.

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