Friday, August 16, 2013

Tracing Your Family History

A Writer Writes!  I attended a family reunion in Houston in June of this year.  African American families may be challenged to track our ancestors due in large part to the slavery system that existed in the United States that brought Africans to this country.  We often can track ancestors back to the late 1880s.  Many African American families know by the pigmentation of their skin that somewhere in the family chain a white person was part of their family tree.  Whether it was a forced or consensual act that brought two racial backgrounds only history knows.

I do not know of anyone who can track their family history back to Africa.  It would be great if we all could do so, to understand where we really originated from.  I have begun an effort to track my family history as far back as I can.  I'm curious where the road leads to.  I do recall my grandfather on my father's side had a light complexion.  So, the curiosity is there as to where in my family line was there a connection with someone of the Caucasian race.  If you haven't begun an effort to track your family tree, give it a try.  You will be learning something about yourself in the process.

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