Saturday, August 31, 2013

Where is The Moral Conscious of the World?

A writer writes!

The debate over the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government continues.  There appears to be much focus on what military response does the United States of America plan to take?  When I last checked a world globe there were other countries displayed on the goal beyond the United States.  Other countries should not shirk their responsibility and role as a co-inhabitant of this planet.  Other countries should be outraged and demonstrate that outrage.  Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Iran, Iraq, let's here you speak up about the outrageous use of chemical weapons against innocent people.  Don't just shout inside your house and then gaze out the window wondering what will the United States do to protect the world from such evil.  You have a responsibility too, so step forward and demonstrate through your actions a respect for people and people's right to walk in their neighborhood without having to fear chemicals raining down on their heads from above.

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