Monday, August 26, 2013

Ignoring that we're all not thin

A writer writes!

If you watch much television and the movies, it's become clear that only thin people exist in this world. At least that's the picture television  and the movies paints.  Most of the main characters in the media are slim and thin.  You kind of wonder if "slim and thin" is a box that has to be checked before someone is hired for a job.

As a former HR manager and supervisor, I do recall noticing how those who were thin were perceived as being better qualified for a job. An "overweight" person automatically had a strike against them.

What would happen if we boycotted those television shows or movies that only feature thin people in them?
What would happen if we boycotted businesses that did not visually depict non thin people in their advertisements?

Maybe then television, movies, and businesses would recognize that being thin isn't the only acceptable way to look.  So, if you are not thin, stop one day and send a note, email, tweet, voice mail etc. to those media outlets that refuse to acknowledge  and respect that you exist.  Tell them that you will no longer patronize their business or watch their television show, or go see their new movie.

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