Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Time for the World to Grow Up

A writer writes!

Reports of chemical weapons being used against Syrian citizens by the government of Syria has been filtering out in the past week.  History records a number of these barbaric acts of man.  "Ethnic cleansing", "the final solution", "lynching", are just a few of the phrases used from the past that describe one of the more evil abilities of man.  That ability is to kill, just because we can.

When will the world grow up from allowing these actions to continue?  Why have we not learned from the past that such actions are not the way to resolve conflicts?  It speaks to the fact that within some of us are evil thoughts where violence becomes the acceptable answer.  How can we rid ourselves of such thoughts? Well, the world and its inhabitants has to grow up and reach the promise that our Creator envisioned for us many years ago.  One day watch a frustrated child and what the child does if something doesn't work his/her way.  Often that child in frustration may violently react towards a game if it frustrates them.

Let's face the fact.  Their are millions of people who wake up everyday not acknowledging that there is a Creator who is responsible for their existence.  Instead it's all about us and how smart we are.  We march off in pursuit of wealth, and the material items that reflect our wealth and success.  Then there are some of us, who decide to terminate the lives of innocent people just because they can.  As with a child who needs a parent to monitor and correct violent acts of frustration, the actions of governments who use such barbaric "weapons" also needs to be monitored and corrective actions taken.  Those responsible need to face accountability until they show that they have grown up.

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